Current results (online)

How we decide the winners

The total points of each participant are calculated according to the formula:

Points for promotion + Points for tasks = Total point

Points for promotion. How are they calculated?

Points for promotion are calculated automatically. When you submit an application for participation in the battle, the promoted keywords can be in the SERP 10 and the average monthly searches of their exact matching should be more than 10 (i.e., when checking, we look at the average searches of the keyword in quotes - "plastic windows"). The participant receives points for each keyword promoted to the SERP 10 according to the formula:

(Keyword start position – End position of the keyword) * Competition coefficient Search * frequency coefficient (max. 100)

In order to even the odds of the participants the search frequency is normalized according to the table and maximum 100 are taken into account. You also get an additional coefficient for the level of competition. 3,000 additional points are awarded for the promotion to SERP 5, and 5,000 points for the promotion to SERP 1.

The points are awarded only for the promotion to the SERP 10
+3000 points
Promotion to the SERP 5 + 3,000 additional points
SERP points
Promotion to the SERP 1 + 5,000 additional points
up to 1,5
Additional coefficient for the level of competition (LOC)
max 100
The search frequency is normalized to balance the scores

Example of calculating points for promotion: