International SEO challenge 2022

October 10th – December 15th

$3000 Prize pool
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Top SEO experts will analyze projects on live streams

Best cases will be published in major media

Best emotions and giveaways from Serpzilla

Show your expertise to the community and win prizes

Every week we analyze your projects with the key experts of the SEO market and give tips on how to improve them.

Choose any of your projects and promote it to Top-10 or higher on SERP by December 9.

Key nominations

  • Commercial projects

  • 1st place Prize — $1,000
  • 2nd place Prize — $500
  • 3rd place Prize — $100
  • Information projects

  • 1st place Prize — $700
  • 2nd place Prize — $300
  • 3rd place Prize — $100

Bonus hero nomination — best case

Become a KING in the SEO world

Become a KING in the SEO world

Not only does he make cool decisions in his projects and achieves great results, but also knows how to pack PR-cases for the media and clients.

  • Nomination:
  • Best case
  • Prize:
  • $300

Submit an application to participate

  • 01 You can participate if you are a Freelance SEO specialist, inhouse specialist or SEO agency employee.
  • 02 Contestants are free to choose a project, or projects, they will promote.
  • 03 Contestants choose 10 keywords of the project they are promoting based on average monthly searches on Google Ads Keyword Planner. The promoted keywords can be in the SERP 10 at the time of submission.
  • 04 We fix the positions for each keyword before the start and after the end of the contest.
  • 05 The higher the keyword frequency, the more points you receive. You get points for every keyword that makes it to the top-10 on SERP. The higher the position, the higher your score. Every keyword in the top-5 or higher gives you extra points.
  • 06 6 prizes according to the number of points you scored. 1 additional independent nomination with cash prize. One participant can only win 1 prize or take only 1 nomination.

View conditions

  • The promoted pages should be indexed by Google.
  • Get more points for complicated keywords, but the search Frequency is normalized to 100. See clarification in the table below.
  • Inappropriate topics are prohibited. You will be asked to confirm the ownership of the project.
  • We take into account the positions on Google and the specified region.
  • We give additional points for a high competitive level of the keywords.

Results calculation:

Points are calculated by the following formula:

The difference between the starting and ending positions of the keyword is multiplied by its search frequency and the level of competition.

Points are calculated by the following formula:

(Keyword start position – Keyword end position) * Competition ratio * Search frequency coefficient
(max. 100)

When calculating the results, only the keywords in the SERP 10 are considered. The highest score for a keyword: a keyword with an average monthly searches > = 100 reached the SERP 1 position during the competition.

If a keyword is ranked higher than SERP 5 you receive 3,000 points additionally.
If a keyword is in SERP 1 you receive 5,000 points additionally.

We summarize the points for all promoted requests and get the result of points for promotion. The winner is the one who gets the maximum number of points for promotion and for tasks.

Next Live Stream

December 15th, 2022
Final Broadcast: Meet the Winners
  • Rob Peck
  • Ravi Soni

Welcome to our International SEO Challenge.